Russia’s Su-24 Bomber Reportedly Crashed After Successive Incidents

The Russian fighter plane, the Su-24, reportedly crashed in the area of ​​Perm City, Urals on Friday, August 27, 2021. The Su-24 bomber is reportedly flying to an area where it will undergo a repair process.

“The Su-24, which is a bombardier aircraft, crashed at a distance of 95 kilometers west of the city of Perm as they were heading to the repair area to undergo the scheduled repair process,” said a report from the Russian Military Center on Friday.

From the report on the scene, the Russian military center also added that the two controllers or pilots of the plane managed to jump directly from the cockpit of the plane. Their team is also reported to have sent a rescue team to evacuate the two pilots.

The Su-24 bomber reportedly crashed after a fighter jet with the code MiG-29 burned down on August 23, 2021. At the time of the incident, the aircraft was under repair in the Narimanov District, Russia.

In the incident, the fire burned all parts of the fighter jet which was indicated to be proficient in performing maneuvers in the air. No casualties were reported in the incident, but the Russian government refused to confirm the incident.

The incident of the MiG-29 burning was also reported to have followed after the downing of another fighter jet of the same type in the Astrakhan area. The jet had to crash during a practice flight, killing the pilot in control. Reportedly, the event was due to the changing weather at that time in the Caspian Sea area and also the Dagestan mountains.

In addition, there are also rumors that Russia is currently being attacked by agents from outside countries who are trying to sabotage their war equipment.

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